Larry Bluford Sr,
President of Utopia


Utopia is God. God Is Truth.

Seeking Utopia Will Bring Greatness into a Sick, Confused, and Hate-Filled World

I will pursue Utopia with all the power that's in me.

I will work to achieve the Fountain of Youth as a choice over involuntary death.

I will use "Utopia is God Technology" to end crime, poverty, and hate worldwide.

I will work to achieve Mental Teleportation so no one can tell you what to do or when you can come and go.

I will work to achieve the things that will bring people lasting and eternal happiness. 

Self-Rule. Self-Determination. Worldwide.

I demand all governments of the world to work together to provide humanity with unrestricted freedom to self-rule themselves in a crime and coercion free world.

Born and raised in a world where there is no force, fear, or coercion people will naturally be nice to each other as they instinctively work on building utopia.

Of course they won't work together to provide total and absolute freedom to all of mankind because they don't know how or have the will to learn, therefore you and I must make it happen because if we don't it will never happen and mankind will soon perish.

The Utopia Party is our only chance. 

The ability to self-rule without restrictions or coercion is the ultimate freedom that allows us to be our best and at our best we will build utopia.

There are millions of civilizations who are millions of years more advanced than we are who have self-ruled, self-governed utopias.  In fact it's impossible to have a utopia without self-rule.

"100% Free Choice" is the natural state of man because any one whose able to create their own dream world will never commit a crime.

Making sure everyone has 100% Free Choice to create the world of their dreams is what "The Utopia Political Party" is all about.

I want to be your "President of the World" so I can provide you with complete freedom to rule and govern yourself free of coercion or pressure.  

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Laying the Foundation of a Self-Ruled Utopia:

1.  Achieve biological immortality because working from the top down is the fastest and most efficient way to cures all diseases, end mental and physical illness, and create the fountain of youth.

2.  Immediately go into the ghettos, barrios, shanty towns, and slums for the thousands of Thomas Edison's, Einsteins, and Steve Jobs whose minds have been ignored and wasted for centuries.  Minds that can help us make up for the centuries we've retarded our civilization by ignoring them.

3.  End homelessness, the poor class, and poverty worldwide within 5 years and the world will explode with prosperity.

4.  Achieve resurrection technology so we can bring loved ones back.

5.  Achieve mental teleportation so no one will ever be able to physically hold, control, or confine you.

6.  Reduce crime to zero.

7.  Establish free education for life as a birthright.  Again how many centuries has it set us back by government and religion not doing so?  Remove all reasons to hate and be evil.

8.  Establish science and business as the foundation of our existence because governments and religions have had centuries to change our world for the better but as you know only science and business has improved our lives.

Everyone knows governments don't work and have caused us more harm than good and no one can argue that point.

9.  Remove all reasons to have wars.

10.  Quickly establish and populate an Earth 2.0 so we can travel back and forth as visitors and tourists, or to leave in an emergency be able to safely relocate away from a threatened Earth.

11.  Quickly mend our shattered world into one united force instead of it being made up of millions of different pieces working against each other with each piece believing they are right.  This has retarded our growth and advancement by many centuries.

12.  Dissolve all governments once we no longer need protection from each other so people can start thinking for themselves and making their own decisions without fear, coercion, or punishment.

13.  Enable everyone with the ability to go their own separate ways at any time in peace and without restrictions to be with any person or group they choose and visit or live with them on any one of trillions of Earth-like planets throughout our solar system and the cosmos.

14.  Make Earth-like planets available for sale to the public in the same way we buy and sell houses, buildings, and land here on Earth, or like how it was done when the early pioneers migrated from East to West except this will be an interstellar migration not a intercontinental one.


I Want to Rule the World to Free the World


I Will Soon Rule The World